De Arc, singer, songwriter, and producer hails from the island of Antigua. He is widely known throughout the Eastern Caribbean because of his wild tempo Soca and politically charged, controversial music. A practicing architect, (hence the Caribbean term De Arc) De Arc describes his music as: - “Conscious Calypso with lots of party, a sprinkle of cane sugar and a splash of rum! Truly a unique blend of Soca and Calypso with the rhythms of Dancehall and Reggae!”

He has released 15 albums founded three record labels and owned a recording studio. He has written/presented and produced/ several winners including annual Carnival “Road March”, “Jump Up” and “Social Commentary” songs. He holds the ‘full’ publishing rights to some 15 albums. Including popular hits like, “Gimme, Gimme Gang”, “All Dawg A Dawg”, “Strange and Serious Times”.

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Favorite "Social Commentary Song"

What Goes Around 16
Crooked Men 1
Everybody Stop 0
Twice A Child 0
Poor Man 0
Brand New Day 0
Freedom 0
Questions 0
Are We So Blind? 0
Why? 0
It's Ah Shame 1
Pain That I feel 1
Black & White Delimma 0
Strange & Serious Times 999
1018 responses

New Compilation CD

Your Fave "de Arc" Social Commentary Song 

Well my first poll is up, so choose your social commentary song you will like to see on my new "Best of de Arc" album. Don't get alarmed if you do not see your favorite song there will be follow up songs under the categories of "Fave Dance Song" and "Fave Fun Song". So hang on they are coming!.

Cast Your Vote "de Arc" CD 

Over the years I have released 15 albums plus a number of EPs and mix tapes. This year I am working on my first compilation album, simply entitled, "Di Best of De Arc"
This album's tracks will be chosen by fans who will vote to include their favorite popular "de Arc" songs. So do not complain if your fav song is not included. Don't be voiceless vote!

Calypso & Soca Extravaganza 2011 

Sorry folks but this year Carnival I'm not competing. I am taking a break, but you will see me there. So look out for my street-team at the "Village" I will be signing CDs at the merchandise table and giving away free sampler CDs and de Arc key-rings so come early before I run out.

Get your Soca on..

Carnival 2011 ( St Thomas V.I.) 

Carnival is here! Officially between April 17 and May 7 but you and I know we start the festivities with our Calypso and Soca sweetened with a little Zouk long before April 17th and way beyond May 7. Check out the Jouvert time table below

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